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Be Seen - Print

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Our "Be Seen" Print: a captivating artwork that embodies the essence of self-expression and authenticity. This thought-provoking piece invites you to embrace your true self and break free from societal expectations.

This 8 x 10 print is the perfect size to adorn your favorite space, whether it's your home, office, or creative sanctuary. It serves as a constant reminder to shed the mask of conformity and fearlessly showcase your true identity to the world.

Printed on high-quality archival paper, this artwork ensures long-lasting beauty and durability, preserving its captivating allure for years to come. It arrives carefully packaged, ready to be framed or displayed as is, allowing you to effortlessly add a touch of inspiration to your surroundings.

By owning a "Be Seen" print, you not only infuse your space with vibrant energy and artistic flair but also support our mission to promote self-acceptance and celebrate individuality. A percentage of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to organizations dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, making a positive impact on the lives of many.

Illuminate your space with the powerful message of self-expression and authenticity. Order your "Be Seen" print today and let it serve as a daily reminder to embrace your true self and live life unapologetically. Be seen, be heard, and be uniquely you.

The deets

  • 1 print
  • Textured watercolor paper (200 lbs stock)
  • Size: 8 x 10
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Signed and numbered
  • Extremely low quantities
  • Will not be re-printed after selling out
This is a limited edition piece, once it sells out it's a goner and it will never come back again, on my mama!