• Bear Witness - Tote
  • Bear Witness - Tote

Bear Witness - Tote

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Introducing our stunning Pink Bear Witness Tote Bag – a vibrant and empowering accessory that combines style, functionality, and the captivating beauty of art. This spacious tote is adorned with the captivating Bear Witness artwork, showcasing a powerful message of resilience and courage.

Crafted with care, the tote features a generous size of approximately 14" W by 16" H, providing ample space to carry your daily essentials with ease. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while the soft yet sturdy handles allow for comfortable carrying wherever you go.

The striking pink hue adds a touch of boldness and individuality to your ensemble, making a statement wherever you venture. Whether you're heading to the gym, running errands, or embarking on a weekend getaway, this tote is your perfect companion.

Not only does this tote make a fashion-forward statement, but it also carries a deeper significance. The Bear Witness artwork symbolizes the strength to face challenges head-on, inspiring you to overcome obstacles and embrace your inner power. Each time you carry this tote, you proudly display your commitment to standing up for what you believe in and making a positive impact in the world.

With its versatile design and meaningful artwork, our Pink Bear Witness Tote Bag is an excellent choice for art enthusiasts, activists, and individuals who appreciate both style and substance. Make a bold statement, showcase your unique personality, and carry a powerful message of resilience with this exceptional tote.

Elevate your everyday style, express your values, and embrace the spirit of empowerment with our Pink Bear Witness Tote Bag. It's time to carry your essentials with confidence, grace, and a touch of artistic brilliance.

The deets

  • 100% Heavy Cotton Canvas
  • 20" Handles
  • Size approx 14" W x 16" H
This is a limited edition piece, once it sells out it's a goner and it will never come back again, on my mama!