Chappe.Studio Membership Tier 2

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Elevate your brand's online presence with our Tier 2 membership. In addition to the graphic design services offered in Tier 1, our skilled team will take your brand to the next level. From web design that engages and converts to expert copywriting, brand research and strategy, packaging design, and more, we'll provide comprehensive solutions to enhance your brand's identity and impact.


Membership includes (up to 2 brands)

  • Social Media graphics
  • Email Graphics
  • Digital Ads
  • Web Design (UI/UX)
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Research & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging & Labels
  • 3d Model & Mock ups
  • Print Design
  • Merchandise Design



  • Unlimited monthly requests 
  • One request at a time
  • Unlimited stock assets
  • Unlimited Users
  • Easy credit card payment


This is a limited edition piece, once it sells out it's a goner and it will never come back again, on my mama!