The Launch of Nanner Art House: A Creative Gem in Lighthouse Point

by Lawrence Chappe

Welcome to Nanner Art House, your gateway to creativity! As my entrepreneurial journey unfolds, I'm thrilled to share the story behind this exciting project. The concept for Nanner Art House emerged from my desire to merge my dual careers as an artist and a real estate investor. With over two decades of experience as an artist and more than ten years in the creative and marketing industry, I found myself seeking a way to seamlessly blend both passions into one cohesive venture.

In 2017, I embarked on a real estate venture by purchasing a duplex in Lighthouse Point, FL. Little did I know, this investment would serve as the foundation for Nanner Art House. After having a couple of long term tenants there for 5 years, I decided to make half the property into an airbnb and so I transformed half of the duplex into an art gallery and living space, establishing myself as a superhost for four Airbnb properties. This innovative approach not only allowed me to showcase and sell my artwork but also provided the autonomy to host art shows independently.

The Build

 The realization of Nanner Art House was a collaborative effort involving myself, my wife Claudia Veiga, and my father Lorenzo Chappe. Together, we brought my vision to life, infusing every corner of the space with passion and creativity.

Art Collection

 Our art exhibition at Nanner Art House featured pieces from my 2023 collection, alongside a few unfinished works. Highlights included the "Good Vibes Whale," "420," and the interactive "Back Door," encouraging guests to express themselves freely.




Our custom-designed furniture pieces, such as nightstands, a TV stand, and a window sill bench, combine tropical brutalism with vintage flair. Complemented by carefully curated vintage finds, each piece adds character to the space.


Step into our lush garden oasis, where towering trees, a cozy hammock, and a BBQ spot invite you to unwind and reconnect with nature. It's the perfect setting for leisurely afternoons and intimate gatherings.

Future Plans

Our journey at Nanner Art House is far from over. We're committed to enhancing the experience for our guests, with plans to update interior lighting and introduce a sculpture garden by the end of 2024

In addition, I'll continue to create art and design spaces for vacationers to enjoy. I invite you to join me on this creative journey and explore select pieces from our collection, bringing a touch of Nanner Art House into your own space.